Friday, June 18, 2010

Where is the Media?

Today, our class spoke via video conference to Julie Lindsay from the Flat Classroom Project. I feel that I've begun to use the word "inspirational" too much in my class blogs, but once again, I found myself moved by what I heard. In addition to hearing Julie talk about her experiences with the program, we viewed video created by students from around the world who shared stories in their own words of what their lives are like. We also saw examples of how students across the globe were working together, learning more about each other and perhaps developing friendships and respect for their differences.

Like many projects, Julie shared that the program started small, a conversation between the students of two colleagues who had the same view of the world. It has since grown into something that should be celebrated. As I listened in awe to what is taking place, I wondered why this program is relatively unknown outside of the educational community. Where is the media coverage of something this transformational and important to the world? The story needs to be told.

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  1. I almost cried when we saw the Eracsim project. This communication between young people, learning to put aside differences and understand each other is so important. It should be out there, but since we're so interested in data and our test scores, it's hard to implement something like this.

  2. @jkies, i'm right there with you, it brings me great joy to see young people searching for the humanity in us all. Marty I can understand your frustration with media outlets. Often times it is so easy to only see and hear about what's wrong with the world instead of those effecting positive changes. But, it's out there we just have to constantly seek it out!

  3. I like the perspectives you bring to your ideas about using technology and making the process known. How will you be using this in your upcoming school year at UNI? Where does this fit into your professional life? Your blog has been silent for over a month. Share with us your thoughts.