Monday, May 17, 2010

The Learning Begins!

Hello, this is my inaugural blog posting! I am a new member of the Educational Technology Masters Program and am using this medium to record and examine my learning/growth process. Before beginning, I'd like to thank Dr. Leigh Zeitz for the name of my blog! He made the suggestion and I enthusiastically adopted it.

A little about my background... To date, my technical experience consists of supporting university business functions and operations, as well as systems and network administration. I have joined this masters program to develop the skills necessary to integrate technology into academics and learning. I am particularly interested in distance education.

At the onset of the program, students studied the definition of Educational Technology and participated in activities to identify individual learning styles. Students have also been exploring emerging technologies that can be used in support of learning communities. Blogging and social networking are new experiences for me. I understand the important role these tools play in the learning process and am anxious to begin using them on a regular basis. As I progress through the program, I am also anxious to look back at these early days to reflect on what I've learned and the changes that I've made.

Until next time...

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