Saturday, May 22, 2010

Using New Tools

Having been in the field of information technology for a few years now, one thing I've learned is that there is always something new to learn! While I've been a part of the Instructional Technology Masters program for only a short time, I've already been exposed to new tools that I am using in the development of training for UNI staff. One such tool is Jing from TechSmith, which I am currently using to develop online training for the use of Identity Finder. It's always fun to learn new tools while working on a project that will be put into production.


  1. Glad to hear that you are enjoying Jing. I have found it to be a wonderful tool. I even paid the extra $15/year so that I could create MPEG-4 videos.
    BTW, it's good to include live links to the resources you include so that the reader can go out there enjoy what you found.

    Leigh Zeitz

  2. Marty, you are speaking my language because in the past, I've had to developed trainings or short 'how to' videos for work. At the time I didn't know about Jing, Instead I used Snagit, which I now know is also from TechSmith, the creators of Jing. Snagit is also great for creating illustrated paper manuals or handouts. You should check it out; it's a powerful piece of software and pretty inexpensive too!

  3. Marty--thanks for your post. I am anxious to learn how to use Jing. I can see lots of applications for it. Being a part of this cohort is a bit intimidating; I thought I was fairly "techie", but now I realize I am a novice.